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Have you written a book? 
Does the thought of getting it published seem overwhelming?
Would you like a simple, inexpensive solution that will allow you to publish your book quickly, with little expense, and do it in your spare time?
Then this is the book for you.

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Podcasts – Radio for the Internet?

What is a podcast? Well they are in many ways similar to a radio program created by non-professionals to be shared with people of like interests. However, this isn’t Fibber McGee & Molly. These are usually talk broadcasts that could be interviews, discussions, lectures, readings or just someone chatting about something that interests him.  Read More

2400 of my closest friends.

When it comes to marketing my books, I try to think outside the box. So it happened that I got the idea to try to sell my The Crafty Dog Knits series of books on QVC. Now QVC and the Home Shopping Network are constantly looking for products to sell and I, of course, thought that my knitting books would be just the ticket. So, when the opportunity presented itself, I was off and running

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Every Author needs a Book Blog

Now you noticed that I didn’t say, “Every author needs a blog.” I have learned that a book blog is a specific form of marketing. In my case, I have five books on five different dog breeds.  That means that I now have five different blogs; one for each title. I learned that having a blog for my business was not enough.  Read More

Marketing Fiction, Romance, Mystery & Poetry

The key to be effective in marketing your book is to start early and stay on schedule. Most works of fiction, romance, mystery and poetry are not whipped out overnight. It takes years to write a novel and get it through all the editing steps, find an agent, and get it bought by a publisher till it is finally available in the bookstore. Through all this time, if you want your book to do well, you must wear two hats; author and marketer.  Read More

Articles about Peggy Gaffney

Martha Stewart Honors Peggy Gaffney (to access - click the underlined sections)

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2. Hear a radio interview with Peggy Gaffney being interviewed by noted radio host Harry Rinker about creating her designs and writing her books.

3. Give Her an Idea and She'll Run with it - Peggy Gaffney an interview by Vintage Allies Radio - June, 2011
This article is accompanied by an audio interview of the author.