Do It Yourself
Publishing Nonfiction

Have you written a book? 
Does the thought of getting it published seem overwhelming?
Would you like a simple, inexpensive solution that will allow you to publish your book quickly,
with little expense, and do it in your spare time?
Then Do It Yourself Publishing Nonfiction In Your Spare Time is the book for you.

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"This is a terrific book. Follow the steps to invest in your own writing and 'Do It Yourself.'"

Dan Uitti, Past-President
Connecticut Authors & Publishers Association

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Chapter 1 So You’ve Written A Book!

Chapter 2 Setting Up Your Business

Chapter 3 Finding A Book Printer

Chapter 4 Laying Out The Parts Of The Book

Chapter 5 Creating The Covers

Chapter 6 Adding Photos To Your Book

Chapter 7 Editors And Editing

Chapter 8 Getting Your ISBN & Bar Code

Chapter 9 Does The Book Look Good?

Chapter 10 E-Books And Audio Books

Chapter 11 Marketing

Chapter 12 Websites And Shopping Carts

Chapter 13 E-zines And Blogs

Chapter 14 Creating The ‘Buzz’



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